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We are a company involved in exports and Imports. Based in Hamilton we add value to your business by being the intermediary third party service provider between your product and the buyer/supplier. It’s not easy to manage all your sources as retailing comes with a lot of investment and risk. The fact that trust worthy suppliers are hard to find cannot let your business suffer.

As a marketer you cannot delay the launch of your product just because your suppliers are inconsistent. That’s where you need to speak to us as we are there to solve your issue if you partner with us. We at GLOBAL ACCESS help you source your desired product from trust worthy suppliers in our designated areas from the markets that we are operating in.

Our business modal consists of two avenues to help you with your course. First is a buying and selling model where we shall buy your product and sell it to you which applies for both import and export. This can be up to any stage within the supply value chain and may include warehousing depending on the product. The second is where we act as intermediary on a commission base and source you the product and continue to do so for products where the source may vary according to the availability. For example Ornamental fish.

Talk to us we are experts in dealing with the Asian markets where it’s most difficult to attain a sustainable supply chain. Our expertise are currently expanded into a number of products and anything within our core areas are guaranteed by us. We shall not undertake anything not within our scope. Most of these products need not have licensing except wines and spirits which is done by us. Talk to us and find out more.

We're Creative

We are ready to invent if your requirement is exceptional. Sticking to rules is always our way but finding a new way of doing things is always an option we are willing to try out.

We're Punctual

Most of the time sticking to a deadline is a nightmare if your supplier is unreliable. We at GLOBAL ACCESS are ready to meet your deadline as we do it ourselves.

We're responsible

Accountability and Responsibility is part of the deal as sometimes it’s done on mere words. Export and Import business is complex and demands solid systems. But the ultimatum is to make the customer a happier person. We take great precautions in doing just that. Hence our sense of responsibility is self-imposed which is the best way of doing it.

We're Friendly

Being imperative with all the rules may not be conducive in our line of work. It’s always about being friendly and understanding that will eventually pay off. We believe in this as that’s how solid partnerships are built.

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